Eagle Ottawa Leather Company Wastewater Treatment System


Eagle Ottawa Leather Company
Grand Haven, Michigan


Prior to closing in late 2006, Eagle Ottawa Leather Company (EOLC) operated a pretreatment system followed by discharging the pre-treated wastewater to a local Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW). The EOLC's discharge represented over 80% of the biochemical oxygen demand and solids discharged to the local POTW.


Wastewater Treatment SystemEOLC contracted with R&W to develop engineer drawings and create specifications to construct a new wastewater treatment system. R&W also negotiated a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit for direct discharge to the Grand River. R&W completed a preliminary engineering study which included bench scale biological treatability studies. The treatment technology and the design effort were completed by R&W staff based on the study results.

Primary unit processes included combined equalization and catalytic sulfide oxidation followed by primary clarification, sludge activation using an ORBALâ„¢ oxidation ditch, and final clarification. A new outfall was constructed in the Grand River, effecting a 30:1 near-field dilution, in compliance with industry standards. The sludge management systems included chemical conditioning and dewatering using recessed plate filter presses.

R&W helped EOLC with construction inspection services on the site to ensure compliance with the engineers' drawings and specifications.