Environmental Investigation and Remediation

R&W offers services for both soil and groundwater investigations and remediation. R&W's services include all facets of remediation from initial site characterization to treatment system design and installation. In Michigan, R&W has assisted with investigation and remediation activities on Part 201, Part 213, landfill, and Brownfield sites.

Services in this field include

  • Hydrogeologic Investigations
  • Geophysical Investigations
  • Risk Evaluations
  • Exposure Pathway Evaluations
  • Site-Specific Cleanup Criteria Development
  • Groundwater, Surface Water, Soil, Sediment, Air and Soil Gas Sampling
  • Environmental Fate and Transport Modeling
  • Focused Feasibility Studies
  • Remedial Action Plans and Implementation
  • Operation and Maintenance of Remediation Systems
  • Ground Water Monitoring Programs
  • Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA)
  • Initial and Final Assessments
  • Corrective Action Plans
  • Exposure Pathway Evaluations
  • Ground Water Flow and Solute Transport Modeling
  • In Situ Remediation
    • Enhanced Biological Application
    • Chemical Oxidation
    • Reactive Barriers
    • Physical/Mechanical Recovery
  • Natural Attenuation
    • Effectiveness Evaluation
    • Investigation Design
    • Groundwater/Surface Water Venting Evaluations

Please feel free to contact either Bryan Rose or Mark Westra for more information.