Leaking Underground Storage Tanks

If a release from a regulated UST system is detected, the owner and/or operator is required to report the release to the MDEQ-RMD within 24 hours of detection. The release information and regulatory oversight is then transmitted to the MDEQ Remediation Division (RD). The owner and/or operator of the leaking underground storage tank (LUST) system is then required to comply with Part 213 of NREPA. The MDEQ-RD is responsible for conducting periodic audits of work completed under the Part 213 program; however, the owner and/or operator is responsible for ensuring the completion of the work. The LUST program requires that owners and/or operators engage a Qualified Underground Storage Tank Consultant (QUSTC) and Certified Underground Storage Tank Professional (CUSTP) to conduct the necessary investigation of the release and, if necessary, remediation of the release.

R&W has been identified by the MDEQ as a QUSTC and employs CUSTPs to conduct investigations and remediation activities necessary to comply with the LUST program. These investigation services can include the physical characterization of soil and/or groundwater matrices, collection of soil and/or groundwater samples, proper analytical testing of collected samples, data evaluation, and reporting in accordance with the LUST program. The data evaluation is conducted using the Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA) method in ASTM International Standard Practice E 1739-95. Many clients select R&W to conduct the required investigations of LUST sites. If remediation is necessary, R&W assists the owner and/or operator with design and implementation of any remedial actions or remedies necessary for proper closure of the LUST site in accordance with appropriate regulations.