Client Town Centres, LLC Grand Rapids, Michigan Situation Town Centres, LLC (TC) proposed to redevelop an abandoned landfill and building located in... more
Client Rhone-Poulenc AI Company Institute, West Virginia   Situation Rhone-Poulenc AI Company (R-PAIC) owned and operated an organic chemical... more
Client Eagle Ottawa Leather Company Grand Haven, Michigan Situation Prior to closing in late 2006, Eagle Ottawa Leather Company (EOLC) operated a... more
Clients Franklin Electric Company, Inc., Bluffton, Indiana and Franklin Fueling Systems, Madison, Wisconsin Situation Franklin Electric Company, Inc... more
Client Speedrack Products Group, Ltd. Quincy, Michigan Situation Speedrack Products Group, Ltd. (Speedrack) manufactures pallet rack and related... more
Client Wolverine World Wide, Inc. Rockford, Michigan Situation Wolverine World Wide, Inc. (Wolverine) owned and operated a pigskin tannery in... more
R&W has designed rapid mix diffusers for several clients who were unable to meet their National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)... more