Underground Storage Tanks

In 1988, Federal and State Underground Storage Tank Regulations were established to govern owners and operators of underground storage tank (UST) systems. These regulations specify system component operations, performance standards, and monitoring requirements to minimize the likelihood of releases from UST systems. The UST system requirements were phased in over a ten-year period, based on the age of the UST system. Part 211 of Michigan's Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act 451 of 1994, as amended (NREPA, PA 451), outlines the requirements for owners and operators of UST systems. In addition, those UST systems not covered by Part 211 must comply with the Storage and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids Act 207 of 1941, as amended (FL/CL).

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) Resource Management Division (RMD) staff reviews applications for new UST systems or existing system modifications and conducts regular site inspections of active UST systems. These inspections are used to monitor the operations, check on the proper use of equipment, check record-keeping information, and ensure compliance with the UST regulations. Routine checks by the owner and/or operator are also required to prevent and detect releases from the UST systems.

Many UST system owners and/or operators, as well as prospective owners, have requested that R&W conduct evaluations of UST systems to determine the type and condition of equipment currently in operation at sites. These evaluations are often similar to the MDEQ inspections described above. This information is then used by owners and operators to make sound management decisions about the current conditions of the UST system and whether upgrades are necessary. R&W has also assisted numerous owners and operators with the design, contracting, and construction observation of new and upgraded UST system installations.