Wastewater Treatment/Pretreatment

R&W routinely serves commercial and industrial clients to ensure their wastewater discharge complies with regulations. Any discharge to a surface water is regulated by the Clean Water Act. Under the act, a direct discharge to a surface water is governed by the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program tailored to the discharger. An indirect discharge is routed to a Publicly Owned Treatment Works for additional treatment and may be regulated by Categorical Pretreatment Standards, which are specific guidelines for pretreating wastewater according to the operation or activity type generating the wastewater.

Services in this field include:

  • Review and help determine the appropriate discharge limitations
  • Wastewater survey and characterization
  • Treatability studies
  • Process design
  • Design/Build or construction engineering

Typical industries which may require services include:

  • Metal finishing
  • Leather tanning
  • Food
  • Chemical

R&W personnel add the following value to your Wastewater Treatment Project

Determine appropriate treatment standards for your specific industry. For direct dischargers, R&W has negotiated favorable NPDES permit limits for clients based on water quality standards and an understanding about the regulatory framework. Past R&W projects have incorporated rapid mix diffusers to allow for higher toxicity limits in NPDES permits. This has helped direct dischargers avoid significant treatment costs while protecting integrity for aquatic life.


Involve you, the client, in the design process through frequent updates and reviews to ensure the product meets your needs.

Identify alternatives and strategies which simplify systems and reduce your capital and operational costs.

Apply previous treatment system design experience in various fields including metal finishing, leather tanning, food and chemical industries. R&W is familiar with many wastewater treatment issues, requirements and technologies.

Use prior experience from past projects. R&W personnel have designed specific treatment systems involving screening and filtration, sedimentation, dissolved aeration, activated sludge, chemical oxidation, powder activated carbon treatment sludge digestion and pure oxygen.

Manage the project using industry standard systems including Construction Specifications Institute formats and Engineering Joint Contract Document Committee contract documents, both of which are widely recognized and accepted sources in design, engineering and construction.

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